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The Write Spot Anthology: Discoveries

The Write Spot Anthology: Discoveries, edited by Marlene Cullen

Reading this anthology is like walking into a word bazaar, where the reader is called to taste grief’s shadows, to sample sweet memories. The reader is beckoned by the poetry of human existence, lured to the scents and sounds of places and times. Savor this visit to worlds familiar and unfamiliar. You will leave, feeling satisfied. Claudia Larson has been published in Tiny Lights, The Write Spot, Searchlights & Signal Flares. Her writing is nourished by nature and her life on the prairies.

We all have them . . . Stories tucked away in the recesses of memories.  Stories patiently waiting to be written, polished, and shared.

Marlene Cullen, the creator of Jumpstart Writing Workshops, is a master at helping her students bring their stories to life, offering the simple prompt of a word, a painting, a shiny object. Each essay in this little book was born of one of Marlene’s prompts and coaxed and buffed into a small personal gem. If you’re a budding writer, this book will be an inspiration. As a bonus, each author offers personal words of encouragement to guide you in writing your own stories. Elizabeth Kern, Author of Fire Angels, Wanting to be Jackie Kennedy, and Mercy Goodhue, a Puritan Woman’s Story of Betrayal, Witchcraft and Madness

Can anyone write? Yes, as Marlene Cullen reveals in this delightful anthology she has assembled that scans a variety of tales and styles of pure reading pleasure. From poems, stories, and short essays, we learn of a tussle with a barbecue, of pondering one’s place in the universe, mulling lessons from Kmart, and musings on Prince Charming, and soap. There’s something for everyone in this collection that brims with hidden talented voices that speak a little something to everyone. —  Janis Couvreux, author Sail Cowabunga! A Family’s Ten Years at Sea

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