People are . . . Prompt #648

“Mama Always Said Life Was Like a Box of Chocolates. You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get.”—Forrest Gump People are like that, too. You never know what people are going to do or say. Perhaps that was the inspiration for The 2022 Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest. Choose a category and Just Write! People are . . . Funny     Amazing     Changers Unreasonable     Unpredictable World These are the categories for The 2022 Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest. Write your story and submit your writing.

The Lotus Flower Miracle . . . Prompt #548

Before diving into writing, I’m inviting you to sit back, and relax. Take a deep in.  Exhale fully. Another deep breath. And exhale. Take some deep nourishing breaths as you read this prompt. Notice where there is tension in your body. Put your hand there, if you can. Or, put your thoughts there. Easily and comfortably think about what could be causing that discomfort. If you are not experiencing any discomfort, notice what you are thinking about. Going over, in your mind, the past few days, have you had a troubling conversation or a difficult interaction? For now, just notice these things. Set them aside, or make a quick list of these things. Staying as relaxed as you can in your body, read the first part of the prompt, which is inspired by Viktor Frankl. You have probably heard of him or you might be very familiar with him. He…

One word from your heart. Prompt #489

For this prompt . . . let’s get comfortable. Settle into your chair. Make any adjustments you need to make to feel relaxed. Take a deep breath in. Hold. Let your breath out. Repeat: Deep breath in. Hold. Relax breath out. Put your hand over your heart. Deep breath in. Hold. Release breath. Think of one word from your heart. The uppermost feeling or thought you are experiencing right now. Just one word. When I remember where I originally saw this idea, I’ll give credit here. The second part of this prompt is thanks to my amazing friend and writing teacher, Susan Bono. The quiet of knowing The song of regret The taste of heartbeat Prompt: Make a list using that pattern. If you want, you can incorporate your one word from when you had your hand over your heart.