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Write to please yourself.

Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics superheroes, was interviewed by J. Rentilly for the December 2015 issue of The Costco Connection. Rentilly asked, “There are infinite theories about where creative ideas come from. Where do you think Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch or even the Destroyer, your very first comic book hero, comes from?” Stan Lee answered, “. . . you just think about it! You just sit down or walk around and probably have a big, dumb look on your face and you wonder, ‘What would I like to read? What kind of character would interest me?’” I like this part of his answer the best: “Please write stories that you think are great. Write to please yourself. That’s how I’ve always done it—not because I’m so desperate to please other people, but because I feel very genuinely that if I really love a story, then there must be a few…

Book Reviews

Write Free – attracting the creative life

Write Free – attracting the creative life, revised second edition by Rebecca Lawton and Jordan Rosenfeld If you are seeking to make some changes in your life, but don’t know where to start . . . Write Free might be the perfect resource for you. “Where you place your attention, what you focus on, is where and how you create your life.” With my first reading of Write Free, this line struck me as the heart of the book. I needed to re-read it and break it down to get it. “Where you place your attention, . . . what you focus on, . . . is where . . . and how . . . you create your life.” That sounds so simple and yet is complex to implement. Lawton and Rosenfeld offer practical suggestions, leading to discoveries towards a creative and productive writing life. These techniques can also…

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Tulip Tree Review

Please join a variety of bloggers participating in The Valentine’s Day Blog Hop. Scroll down the Blog Hop Roll Call, click on a name and be entertained with new thoughts, fresh ideas and other worlds. Hosted by Francis L. Powell.   Saturdays are “Places to Submit” Days. . . Watch the deadlines. They sneak up on us. The Tulip Tree Review is now seeking submissions. “Tulip Tree is just a little sprout in terms of how long it’s been in the world, but already its branches are finding their own way toward the sun, and the organization is becoming what it needs to be.” Stories That Need To Be Told Contest Deadline:  September 16, 2016 Contest Theme:  [Not] The End: Prison Stories “This is a collection of stories and poems about life in and after prison, that will remind readers of the humanity of people who are incarcerated, and the…


Freewrites: develop character, plot, setting, mood Prompt #228

What kinds of writing prompts do you want? Let me know and I’ll try to create prompts that will inspire writing. Freewrites are a way to organize your thoughts, gather information, create characters, develop plot, set the scene, make discoveries, and more! What have you discovered while freely writing? Share your thoughts, ideas, creations, inspirations here, on The Write Spot Blog. Today’s writing prompts are oldies but goodies. Character Development Develop Character, Prompt #4 Your Character Has a Secret #7 Grow Your Characters #48 Location Location, or place as character #8 A place where you find satisfaction #25 A room from your childhood #62 Plot/Conflict/Problem The trouble started when . . . #3 What happened here?. . . #23 The problem . . . #50 Memoir How to Write A Memoir Favorite Place from Childhood #11 Best gift #28 What games did you play? #32 Write about a time you…

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Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

The Write Spot Blog is fortunate to have a friend like Francis H. Powell. Even though we have never met in person, Francis is an important part of The Write Spot’s history. He invited us to join a Blog Hop last Halloween and last Christmas and now. . . drum roll. . . Valentine’s Day Blog Hop. Before participating I had heard about blog hops, but didn’t really know what they were. Here’s how this Blog Hop works. When you click on Valentine’s Day Blog Hop (in future Write Spot posts), you land on Francis’ Blog Hop Landing Page. Scroll down and click on a name. Here is a brief summary of talented and creative writers participating in this Blog Hop. Francis H. Powell, author of Flight of Destiny and creator of fabulous Blog Hops. Latoya Wilson has beautiful photos on her website. She hopes her writing offers a warm…


Penny for your thoughts. Prompt #227

Writing prompts are designed to spark your imagination and help you dip into your well of creativity. Using prompts, setting your timer for 15-20 minutes and writing freely, with no censorship, no editor sitting on your shoulder = a freewrite. Write whatever bubbles up for you. Write freely, write openly, write until your heart is content. Today’s prompt: Penny for your thoughts.      

Places to submit

“Tin House is an invaluable respository . . . ” Stephen King

Submissions to Tin House Magazine  are now open. Submissions accepted through February 28, 2016.  Tin House considers each submission for all upcoming issues regardless of theme. Summer and winter issues are not themed Submission Guidelines page includes a helpful FAQ’s column. Worth reading. Good advice for submissions to almost all magazines. Submit only one story or essay (10,000-word limit), or up to five poems at a time. Multiple submissions will be returned unread. Please wait until you hear from Tin House before submitting new work for consideration. “We shall do our best to respond within six months but, in some cases, this period may be longer. If you have not received a response from us within six months, we will be happy to receive e-mail inquiries and will do our best to respond.”


I never thought of that .. . Prompt # 225

Part Three of a three-part series of writing prompts inspired by Susan Bono’s Jumpstart Writing Workshop. A rewarding aspect of writing is when writers create scenarios that offer illumination for  readers . . . that  “aha moment.”                        Inside a Snowflake Tiny snow droplets slide into the snowflake as it falls to the ground. if you listen, really closely, you can hear the sun crunching together. The weather is stormy—a snowstorm with little snowflakes inside the big snowflake. A girl lives in the snowflake, with golden hair in pretty braids with a ribbon on the bottom. At midnight she watches the snow fall outside the snowflake, and the icicles drip. the next day she goes out on the frozen lake and ice skates. Sparks of ice fly up behind her. By Emily Osborn, Grade 3, Poetry In The Schools I love this…