Guest Bloggers

Amanda McTigue Untethered

Guest Blogger Amanda McTigue . . . I’ll confess with some dismay that contrary to the many uplifting articles and memoirs I have read about the serenity of older age, it continues to elude me. Serenity, that is, not the march of years across my face, kneecaps and pelvic floor muscles. I’m looking forward to any later-in-life serenity that may come my way. Indeed, I practice all kinds of meditations and mantras and daily exercises, etc., to invite it in. But my emotional set point tends to be what it’s always been: low-level (self)doubt. That’s the place whence I write. If that’s true for you, let me offer some slant wisdom here from some fellow artists. Take Tatiana Maslany. You may have seen her in a futuristic TV show called “Orphan Black” in which she plays (gorgeously!) multiple clones of herself. She’s a hell of a young actor, and here…

Book Reviews

The Marvelous Journals of Miss Virginia Pettingill by Gilbert Mansergh

The Marvelous Journals of Miss Virginia Pettingill, reviewed by Susan Bono: I expected to be charmed by the outgoing and adventurous Ginny Pettingill, a 7th grader who uses her journals to capture her own personal discoveries as well as portray life in Gloucester, MA, shortly after WWI. The fact that the narrator is fashioned after the author’s mother added extra piquancy to the read—did the real Virginia have the gift of sight? Was she really a witness to the dawn of the “talkies” and could she have organized one of the first beach cleanups? I loved how the delights of the past were brought to life, but I was also struck by the shadow side of this lull between wars. It was indeed a time of tremendous excitement and progress—automobiles and motion pictures, Prohibition and Women’s Rights. There were new inventions, like Kotex and electric Christmas lights. But the people…

Places to submit

Boulevard Magazine showcases new writers.

Boulevard Magazine “strives to publish only the finest in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. While we frequently publish writers with previous credits, we are very interested in less experienced or unpublished writers with exceptional promise. If you have practiced your craft and your work is the best it can be, send it to Boulevard.” Boulevard’s mission is to publish the finest in contemporary fiction and poetry as well as definitive essays on the arts and culture, and to publish a diversity of writers who exhibit an original sensibility. It is our conviction that creative and critical work should be presented in a variegated yet coherent ensemble—as a boulevard, which contains in one place the best a community has to offer. To get a feel for style, content, quality, and form of the work that Boulevard publishes try a sample issue or subscription. Boulevard accepts submissions from October 1 to May 1….


Your passion for writing. Prompt #234

It’s palpable. I see it. I feel your passion for writing.  I know the feeling. . . You want to write, but you aren’t writing. Because . . .  first, you have to do this Thing and that Thing needs to get done and this other Thing just can’t wait. I know how it goes. I know you really do want to write. And I wonder, if writing means so much to you, why aren’t you writing?  Why do you ignore your passion? Let’s take a look at this. Whenever I have something I want to explore, I do a freewrite. Use the following questions as “writing starts.” Start each paragraph with a question. Then write. Just write. What do I want to do in my writing life? What do I want to accomplish? What is stopping me from doing what I want to do, whether it’s writing or something…