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Hayden’s Ferry Review

Hayden’s Ferry Review has it all: Fiction. Nonfiction. Poetry. Art. International/Translation Hayden’s Ferry Review  is a semi-annual & international literary journal edited by the Creative Writing program at Arizona State University. “While we also focus on tradition, our main purpose is to introduce the world to up and coming writers.” Hayden’s Ferry Review looks for well-crafted work that challenges readers, takes risks, and engages emotionally and artistically. SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN Note: Hayden’s Ferry Review does not accept submissions via mail or email.   Submittable  is the only way for work to be considered for publication. Hayden’s Ferry Review looks for “cutting edge classics, experimental nuance, and that one thing about your cousin Gina. Don’t pretend you don’t know what we’re talking about . . . “


Modeling— Becca Lawton’s Cool Writing Tips . . . Prompt #285

Here’s an entertaining idea from Rebecca Lawton’s Cool Writing Tips. Becca’s advisor at Mills College introduced “Modeling,” — an exercise “in which you select an excerpt of masterful writing … and fill in the blanks.” Rebecca Lawton writes, “Modeling is a sort of Mad Lib exercise, where each part of speech is swapped out for a word of your choice.” I’m going to enjoy playing with modeling the next time I write for pleasure. Becca’s Cool Writing Tips will be offered during the month of September 2016 only. So, if you want to be in on the fun and learn about ways to enhance your writing, join Rebecca Lawton’s Cool Writing Tips. It’s free. The posts are usually short, very easy to read and extremely informative. But hurry, sign-ups end September 3, 2016.

Guest Bloggers

Connecting to Nature and Creativity

Guest Blogger Suzanne Murray writes about: Connecting to Nature and Creativity as a Gift for Ourselves and the World. Nature and creativity are doorways to the sacred. They can help us connect to the deeper parts of ourselves, the knowing of our hearts and souls. They can assist us in being more present in the moment and give us access to expanded capacities of intuition, inspiration and imagination. Connecting to the natural world, which is inherently creative, opens us to our own creative gifts, which allows us to bring forth new possibilities and solutions for our own lives and our troubled world. The ongoing tragedies in the world combined with instant access to these events through the news and social media can leave us feeling helpless and hopeless. Our psyches and nervous systems overwhelmed. Spending time in nature as well as creative play can be a balm for heart and…