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Bartenders make the best allies

Guest Blogger David Templeton’s tips for successful writing. I gave a talk as part of the monthly Writers Forum series sponsored by The Write Spot and Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma, California. Specifically, I was asked to talk about the craft of writing plays, and to share any tips and suggestions I may have picked up along the way. I have learned a few things over the years, which I happily shared Thursday night with the assembled crowd. But later that night, as I was chatting with some friends, it dawned on me that I’d completely failed to mention one tip that I meant to share. I’d even written it in my notes, and then somehow skipped over it during the actual talk. It’s one of the most important things I’ve ever learned as a writer. It is this: Bartenders make the best allies. It doesn’t have to be bartenders, of…


Memorize. Prompt #490

Imagine you are sitting on a lovely porch. It could be your porch where you live now. Or a porch you remember. Or a porch you imagine. See yourself sitting on a porch, perhaps in a rocking chair, or a wicker chair, or a cushy upholstered chair. You have been asked to memorize something while you relax on your porch. What do you memorize and why?

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2020 Lincoln Poetry Contest

Inviting You To Enter  ✤ The 2020 Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest ✤ Message from Alan Lowe Coordinator, 2020 Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest: Wishing you good health and peace during these difficult times. Looking on the bright side , April is National Poetry Month and the time to begin the 16th Annual Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest.  There are five new categories:  ~What Do I See When I Look in The Mirror   ~I See You in My Dreams    ~You Should Have Seen What I Saw Today    ~ See A World with Many Opportunities   ~See If I Can Make You Laugh   Poets may submit a maximum of three poems, no more than one in each of three of the five contest categories. Everyone (over the age of 18) is encouraged to enter the contest. Poets do not have to live in Lincoln, CA, to be eligible. Rules and Entry Form Information (Scroll…


One word from your heart. Prompt #489

For this prompt . . . let’s get comfortable. Settle into your chair. Make any adjustments you need to make to feel relaxed. Take a deep breath in. Hold. Let your breath out. Repeat: Deep breath in. Hold. Relax breath out. Put your hand over your heart. Deep breath in. Hold. Release breath. Think of one word from your heart. The uppermost feeling or thought you are experiencing right now. Just one word. When I remember where I originally saw this idea, I’ll give credit here. The second part of this prompt is thanks to my amazing friend and writing teacher, Susan Bono. The quiet of knowing The song of regret The taste of heartbeat Prompt: Make a list using that pattern. If you want, you can incorporate your one word from when you had your hand over your heart.

Guest Bloggers

Crissi Langwell shares her Facebook Expertise

A guide for authors just starting out with a Facebook business page. Guest blogger Crissi Langwell gives us a crash course on using your Author Facebook Page as effectively as you can, even if you feel awkward in the beginning. What Should Authors Post on Their Facebook Page? If you’re a newly published author, or striving to be one, congratulations! You’ve done the hard work of writing a book! Now it’s time to get word out about your book, which is where social media comes in. But before you start spamming your friends with posts to buy your book, let’s take a step back and make a plan, starting specifically with Facebook. If  you don’t have a Facebook business page, it’s easy to create one, this tutorial will help. Once you have a FB page, then what?  I’m sure it’s daunting to look at that blank page, the status bar…