Poem from character sketch . . . Prompt #628

Prompt #1 Think about someone important in your life. Someone who made an impact on you. Write a list or a few paragraphs of events in this person’s life. It could be milestones or simple everyday things. Prompt #2 Turn what you just wrote into a poem with these suggestions: Make this a numbered poem. Each stanza gets a number. Each stanza is four lines. Each stanza represents a chunk of time in the person’s life, perhaps by decade. Example: 1. Love child Tossed around Whose arms held her? Who comforted her? 2. Showing off Late for work Three times Not a charm Thank you to Susan Furness who suggested this prompt at Recovery Writing of Idaho, organized by Norma Jaeger. Image from “The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Connections.” #justwrite #iamawriter #freewrites

Places to submit

Rollick Magazine

Rollick Magazine is committed to championing new literary voices and is open to unsolicited submissions of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. “We are specifically interested in publishing contemporary literature, thought, and opinion about popular culture, society, and everything on the periphery. We are passionate about representing all types of voices and seek to offer a home to those who might be otherwise marginalised or underrepresented.” Submission Information #amwriting #justwrite #iamawriter


Nothing to Write About

Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page. Nothing to Write About By Maeve Riley Day 30, May 6 The nearly full moon is rising over the mountains across from our house. It’s blinding to look at and negates any need for a headlamp. Luca paces around, damp from the river, hoping for a second dinner. Marley is content under a blanket on the green velvet couch; he’s seen plenty of full moons in his time. I stand outside in shorts that I bought ten years ago at the mall in Merced when I was in college. They are a deep red with black stripes and have the Hogwarts emblem printed all over. I am barefoot, my feet somehow still dirty from the garden even though I just showered. I also have on a pink and purple sweater that I bought at a thrift…


Character Sketch . . . Prompt #626

Finish sentences as your fictional character would. OR: Write your responses, as author/writer. My full name is (include maiden name and middle name): I live at or near . . . I live with . . . I usually wear . . . I want . . . I hope . . . People would be surprised to know that I . . . I am happiest when . . . I daydream about . . . If I had my way . . . I don’t understand . . . I get angry when . . . People wouldn’t like it if they knew . . . I never told anyone that I . . . If I were in charge . . . My hobbies are . . . My favorite breakfast . . . My pet peeves . . . My favorite drink . . . My…