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Writing is magical

Writing is magical. Take some blank pages, write or type on them, and as if by magic, a story appears. It may be an incomplete story and it may feel fragmented, but it’s the beginning of Your story. Writing can be healing, especially when you write what you really want to say, rather than listing what you did that day, journal style.  The most magical writing is when you get so involved in your writing that you lose track of time, you lose track of where you are and even, who you are! The process of writing can be therapeutic. With this deep writing, you may experience a release of emotions, clearing the air, and seeing old things in a new way. — “The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Connections.” Personal Essay as Therapy Join Writers Forum on Saturday, March 12, 2022, 1-3 pm PST to experience the magic…


Gimme Shelter

Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page. Gimme Shelter By William Frank Hulse III  When we’re watching a movie from the comfort of our recliners, relaxed and mellow, my bride will become frustrated when the hero does something physically impossible. For me it’s the magic of movies. I don’t believe it for a second, but the scenes are fun and allow me to freestyle through the adventure. Since I almost always immerse myself in a character, I want to enjoy moments of charmed innocence, believing everything I see and hear and feel.  It has a gauzy sheer that stays in place, even when the curtains go up. It helps give the events an element of reality that only lasts until the closing credits roll. When Nancy gets uptight about the science friction, I remind her, “Suspend your disbelief.” I enjoy being drawn into the story….

Places to submit

The Ekphrastic Review

The Ekphrastic Review “We only publish literature inspired by or responding to visual art in some way. Our definition is flexible, but we are a niche journal and an ekphrastic writing archive and do not consider or publish non-ekphrastic work. Submissions that are not connected in some way to visual art will be deleted without response.”  Ekphrastic Mission​The Ekphrastic Review is committed to the growth, expansion, and practice of the art form of creative writing inspired or prompted by visual art.  We define ekphrastic writing simply as “creative writing inspired by art.” The piece can be an in-depth experience of the art work, or it can use the art as a starting point for expression. The connection to the artwork or artist can be subtle, or it can be central to the work. Best Chances of Publication 1. Ekphrastic translations. We are hungry for ekphrastic work from all over the world,…


You’ve Got It, Child

Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page. You’ve Got It, Child By Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Vrenios I am full of gratitude for the restless sea, sky butter-milked with clouds, the gentle love of a girl named Shih Tzu. What can I do to reach out from this bliss to the needy world? I have given you all you need. What am I supposed to feel right now? Feel what you will, it is all important or not. What can I do to move over the hurdle of this chaos? There is no chaos, only change.  You may not be around for the end, only enjoy what is the now. Sometimes I cannot reseed the patches of my life. Do not carve your initials in the tree or scrape your name in the dust, your footsteps do not matter.  No one will care. All will be…