Listen. Watch. See. Prompt #683

“She turns off her flashlight and listens to the waves, which sound to her like the earth itself breathing.” —“love anthony,” by Lisa Genova, pg. 246 “As ocean surface waves approach shore, they get taller and break, forming the foamy, bubbly surface called surf.” —Google Search Writing Prompt: Image of waves lapping on shore or the quotes. What popped into your mind when you saw this image? Or, what did you think after you read the first quote? Your reaction after you read the second quote. How do you feel when you see and hear waves on the beach? Write whatever you want. Just Write!

Guest Bloggers

Writing Through a Book’s Mushy Middle

“Advice on Writing Through a Book’s Mushy Middle” By Judy Bolton-Fasman A eulogy I wrote for my father expanded into journal entries and eventually my book, “ASYLUM: A Memoir of Family Secrets.” I long dreamt that those loose collection of journal entries might become a book, but for many years they were arc-less and therefore not coalescing. There was no discernible beginning, middle, and end. But those entries, the impetus to start a writing project—I wouldn’t dare call it a book at the time—formed my literary North Star.  As Emily Dickinson wrote: “I am out with lanterns looking for myself.” I searched for myself in every corner of my memory, soul, in every rare photo I had, in every journal entry I wrote, and in notes I jotted down. In that process, I found profound, surprising things about myself and the other protagonists in my life story.  One of the…

Book Reviews

Ten Seconds of Boldness

“Ten Seconds of Boldness: The Essential Guide to Solving Problems and Building Self-Confidence” by Shawn Langwell Reviewed by Osha Hayden. Read Ten Seconds of Boldness, then keep it handy when you need a boost through challenging times. With refreshing honesty and humility, Shawn Langwell guides the reader through proven steps to overcome fear, increase self-confidence and achieve success. These are the techniques he has perfected to lift himself up, achieve success, and become a better human being in the process. Now he’s sharing his hard-won knowledge with us, and for that I am grateful. Not only is it an effective guide, it’s an enjoyable read. Osha Hayden is the host and producer of Aspire with Osha: art, nature, humanity—a radio & podcast show. Her work is informed by her experience as a psychotherapist, mediator, trainer and artist. She earned an M.A. in Psychology, Couple and Family Therapy, and is a Trainer,…

Just Write

Taste of Summer . . . Prompt #679

A Taste of Summer is inspired by Ellen Wu and her beautiful plating and photography. Ellen describes this gorgeous dish: Greek Yogurt with Summer Fruits Greek yogurt, figs, strawberries, cherries, gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries. Chopped pistachios, freeze-dried strawberries. Raspberry coulis (with Chambord) Peach coulis (with Peche liqueur) “The afternoon lighting turned its yellow color to green.” Prompt: Taste of Summer

Places to submit

The Ghost Story

Do you have a ghost story that’s itching to see the light of day? The Ghost Story Supernatural Fiction Award (deadline Sept. 30, 2022) “Ghost stories are welcome, of course—but your submission may involve any paranormal or supernatural theme. What we’re looking for is fine writing, fresh perspectives, and maybe a few surprises in the field of supernatural fiction.”  Twice each year “The Ghost Story” awards $1,500 and publication to the winner of their short story competition. Two other writers will receive Honorable Mentions that include publication and a $300 cash award. Winning stories and Honorable Mentions will be published on “The Ghost Story” website on June 1 and October 31. GUIDELINES Ghost stories are welcome, of course—but your submission may involve any paranormal or supernatural theme. What we’re looking for is fine writing, fresh perspectives, and maybe a few surprises in the field of supernatural fiction. Story length should run between 1,500…


Ghosts . . . Prompt #678

When you are writing and you have more time to write, but you feel ready to stop . . . try to keep going. Push the limits. Push past the urge to go no farther. Writing Prompt: Play with the word and the concept of “ghost.” Writing Prompts Seeing a ghost. Have you ever seen, or thought you saw, a ghost? Ghost of a former self Not a ghost of a chance Ghost of a smile Give up the ghost Caspar, The Friendly Ghost Relationship (past or present) as a ghost Rituals as ghosts Look in a mirror and “see a ghost” . . . see grandmother or grandfather Ghost writing Ghost town Ghosting someone: to cut off all contact abruptly and without explanation, pretending that person doesn’t exist. Writing Prompt: Ghost Submit your ghost story to The Ghost Story.