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50-Word Stories

“A 50-word story is a piece of fiction written in exactly 50 words. That doesn’t mean ‘roughly’ 50 words; it doesn’t mean ‘as close to 50 words as possible’; it doesn’t mean 50 words or fewer. It means exactly 50 words. As with any other form of fiction, a 50-word story should have a beginning and an end, a plot and character development (even if they are only implied), and a theme, meaning, or purpose of some sort. Many 50-word stories are built around twists or climactic moments. 50WS posts two reader-submitted stories every weekday. To submit your stories for possible publication, see the Submissions page.”


Print Dreams

Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page. Print Dreams By DSBriggs Back in the day when I was a teen, I wanted to be a writer. I picked out my pen name, Kelly Brione. I began to dress as a writer. My image, based on a Stanford University guide, was to dress in black tights, a gray skirt, and a pink fluffy sweater over a black leotard. I had plans to write the Great American Novel, even though I did not have a clue how to do that.  I talked enough about being a writer that my Dad purchased a Smith-Corona portable typewriter for me. It had Elite type rather than the larger Pica type. Elite was the size of type that newspapers used for writing news stories in columns. I dreamed about being a columnist like Herb Caen or Erma Bombeck.  One thing…


Connecting The Dots . . . Prompt #689

In works of fiction, we think of “characters.” When writing memoir, we think “real people.” Let’s experiment with writing about real people as if they were characters in fiction. Think of someone you know that you would like to spend some time writing about. You can also do this for your fiction characters, if you are working on a fiction project. Make a three-column list. Column 1 What I know Column 2 How I know it Column 3 How to show it Column 1 Write one or two-word descriptions about someone. Column 2 How you know these characteristics. For example, if the person is described as cheap, you might write, “contributes only $20, no matter his actual share, at a group dinner.” Column 3 Jot down short notes on how you might show these characteristics In the case of the cheap friend, “brings his teabag to use at restaurants.” Connecting…