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Another reason to Just Write!

“Studies show that writing by hand, rather than typing, improves information processing as well as the ability to remember what you’re writing about. Take your learning to the next level by using your brain for what it does best: fusing existing and new information. . . . Crack open a book and once you’ve finished it, write a Goodreads or Amazon review. You might be surprised at what you come up with while mulling it over again.” — “Brain Fitness,” November 2015 Real Simple magazine. Note from Marlene: You will be helping authors and improving your brain fitness at the same time when you review a book and post on Amazon or Goodreads. And if you are inclined, consider writing a review of the Write Spot Books and post on Amazon. The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Discoveries The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Connections The Write Spot: Reflections…

Places to submit

Lily Poetry Review

Lily Poetry Review is a print journal set to publish in the winter and summer of each year. “Our porch light is always on.” We must charge a nominal fee ($3)  to cover the cost of submissions. The Lily Poetry Review is interested in promoting contemporary poets, poetry, flash fiction and literary citizenship. Please don’t send previously published material. Send no more than five pieces per submission. All must be contained in one document. Submission Guidelines


Just Write! Prompt #395

Want to write? Having trouble getting started? Stuck in a rut? Using prompts, or ideas, are a great way to free your mind and unstick your blocked mind. Set a timer for fifteen minutes. Choose one of the prompts below and Just Write! I remember . . . A childhood memory Something bad that turned out good Something you would like to see again Someone from your childhood How I really spent my summer vacation Or, write whatever is on your mind. Just write! It’s healthy. It can be fun. And it’s free!

Guest Bloggers

The Courage to Write

My new writing friend, Nancy Julien Kopp, writes beautiful and inspiring posts on her blog, Writer Granny’s World by Nancy Julien Kopp. New Writers Need To Believe—Memoirs and Family Stories, by Nancy Julien Kopp Ever hear naysayers in the world of those who want to write a memoir or family stories who utter things like: I’m not a professional writer. I can’t write like some people do. I want to write the story but I wouldn’t know where to start. My grammar is not good enough to write. My writing is boring. All of the above can be overcome. But the first thing you must do is believe that you can write a memoir or a book of family stories. Sounds easy? Maybe. Possible? Yes. It takes some courage to do something new. Look at the people who zipline. Looks like fun but maybe a bit scary, too. Those who…


Do Dreams Come True? Prompt #394

Do dreams come true? I think they can. I’ve had a dream since 2005, an item I can now cross off my bucket list: Produce a series of books to inspire writing. The recently published, The Write Spot: Reflections is the third book in The Write Spot Series. Today’s Prompt: Write your bucket list . . . things you want to do. Your dream wish list. Take a few minutes for this. Next: Choose an item from this list and write as if it were five years from now and you have completed your dream. A sort of cheerleading note to yourself. Go on . . . Dare to dream! For more inspirational writing on this topic: Prompt #212: What is on your bucket list? Prompt #216: Portals, Dreams and Promises The Write Spot: Reflections is available for $12 at Amazon, Copperfield’s Petaluma, and JavAmore Café .