1. Ke11y

    I will always have the unique ability to speak up before I think!

    I remember we sat in front of the fire. It was crackling dry wood, spitting sparks, when she asked me what I loved most in the world.

    I was enthusiastic: I love Brahms, Chopin, corn on the cob. I love movies, those ones about crusader knights. I love the sun, too, walking on the shore, chewing over tales of great authors. Sherry on the rocks, Sophie Loren and ‘I remember when.’ I love Hampstead and Chelsea, Irish Setters and Palm Nova. The Household Calvary turns me on. Spaghetti Bolognaise with a favorite red wine relaxes me no end, but most of all I love the sea and the wild underworld, much of which I’ve seen.

    ‘What about you, darling, what do you love most in the world?’

    She paused, staring into the fire with her ice blue eyes.

    ‘I love you, your fingers tracing love lines down my spine.’

    I turn away, tears falling down my cheeks.

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  2. Kathy Myers

    Kelly; “Here’s lookin’ at you kid.”

    1. Ke11y

      Hi, Kathy –

      Lookin’ right back at ya!

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