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You may have the da Vinci Disease . . .

Have you heard of the da Vinci Disease?

Here it is:  You have ideas of what to write about. But you never finish because you never start.  Or you start and can’t find a way to finish to your satisfaction.

You may have a burning desire to write, but there’s never time or maybe you suffer from the da Vinci Disease.

The following is excerpted from “The da Vinci Disease,” by Don Fry, March 2014 issue of the Writer Magazine.

Leonardo da Vinci never finished anything because he thought he couldn’t achieve perfection.  We all know writers, including ourselves, who can’t (or don’t) finish their work. The root cause is usually a da Vincian rage for perfection, which takes many forms.”

Don Fry’s list of why we don’t finish our writing. Italics are Marlene’s comments.

We don’t start. ‘Nuff said.

Too much gathering.  Some writers keep gathering information but never start actually putting words on the screen. They want perfect information. Raising my hand here. Guilty!

Faulty Organizing. Many writers never finish because they can’t organize their information into what they regard as a perfect structure.  This isn’t about organizing your desk nor files, rather what you want to write and how. Guilty. Again.

Drafting, drafting and more drafting. Many writers never finish drafting because they try to write a perfect first sentence. Gulp. Is there a miniature Don Fry sitting on my desk watching me?

Endless Revising. Many writers simply cannot let go of a piece until they believe it is perfect.

Don, I hear ya and I admit to all of these. So, please excuse me. I’m on deadline to finish a short piece I’ve started, gathered, organized and drafted.  Time for that final edit and then.  . . tap the send key.

To read more about The Da Vinci Disease by Don Fry, click here.

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