Betrayal. Prompt #410

“A time comes when silence is betrayal.” Martin Luther King, Jr. Write about a time you were betrayed. Or a time you betrayed someone. You could start with: I felt betrayed . . . Or write about a time you were silent and now wish you had spoken up. Or write about a time you could no longer remain silent. You could start with: I want to tell you about what happened . . .

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Why write your story?

Why write your story? So you can move on. Today’s post is inspired by Patricia Hampl’s book, “I Could Tell You Stories: Sojourn in the Land of Memory.” Tell your story so you can move on. “When a writer keeps things inside, it becomes a ball of tangled yarn. As each story is told, the ball becomes untangled. Writing from memory can help us to let go of those stories we tell over and over again. We may not even need to tell them again [after writing about them].” Note from Marlene: I think writing from memory can also be a type of self-help . . . a vehicle for transporting oneself back in time and getting in touch with what really happened. Patricia Hampl is an American memoirist, writer, lecturer, and educator. She teaches in the MFA program at the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis and is one of…

Just Write

Another reason to Just Write!

“Studies show that writing by hand, rather than typing, improves information processing as well as the ability to remember what you’re writing about. Take your learning to the next level by using your brain for what it does best: fusing existing and new information. . . . Crack open a book and once you’ve finished it, write a Goodreads or Amazon review. You might be surprised at what you come up with while mulling it over again.” — “Brain Fitness,” November 2015 Real Simple magazine. Note from Marlene: You will be helping authors and improving your brain fitness at the same time when you review a book and post on Amazon or Goodreads. And if you are inclined, consider writing a review of the Write Spot Books and post on Amazon. The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Discoveries The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Connections The Write Spot: Reflections…


Character Building and Setting Scene. Prompt #364

Set the Scene: Location, Timeframe, Characters Location: Pick one: cruise ship, theme park, bar, parlor, or a location of your choice Timeframe: Current, Past (what year?), Future (what year?) Develop Characters Character #1: Name: Nickname: Personality trait most proud of: How did character get this trait? What do people least like about character? What habit would character like to change? If someone looked in character’s bathroom garbage right now, what would they find: What scent does character like the most, and what does it remind him/her of? What scares the character? Character #2: Answer the same questions for Character #2. Writing Prompt: Use the following words in a conversation between these two characters. The last time –  How dare you –  Explode –  Blame – Fire –  Party –  Light –  Dark – Attitude –  Box –  Present –  Water Photo by Christina Gleason