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Adair Lara Week . . . . And A Day

May 17, 2002 was declared Adair Lara Day in San Francisco by proclamation of Mayor Willie Brown.

Today, Mother’s Day 2014, I’m declaring May 11 through May 18 Adair Lara Week And A Day on The Write Spot Blog by proclamation of it’s my blog and I can do it if I want to! Cheshire Cat grin.

We’re starting off Adair Lara Week And A Day with a review of her book Hold Me Close, Let Me Go, about “A mother, a daughter, and an adolescence survived.”

Hold Me Close, Let Me Go spoke to me on a deep emotional level. I was so moved by Adair’s story of a mother’s and daughter’s struggles that after reading the last page, I sat at my kitchen table, sobbing. Adair’s writing is honest, poignant, brilliant. Hold Me Close, Let Me Go grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.

Thank you, Adair, for your bravery in writing this story and thank you to your family for allowing the frankness, the honesty and the truth to be told.

The part that put me over the edge takes place when Adair’s daughter is16 years old.

“I feel as if you don’t love me anymore, ” Morgan said, “I feel that you love Bill and the house and softball and walks to Noe Valley and. . . ”

The conversation continues with emotions so deep, pure and raw that I felt embarrassed, as if I was eavesdropping on a very private conversation. But a conversation that was important for me to hear.

Adair ends this scene with, “‘I should have waited,’ I said miserably.’ If I had known, I would have. I would have kept him as a boyfriend until you grew up.’

Even as I said it, I didn’t know if it was true.”

Hold Me Close, Let Me Go is more than a memoir. It’s a testament that families can get through the difficult times and end up liking one another. It’s a learning tool — a textbook on how to write a standout memoir.

Lara. Hold Me CloseHold Me Close, Let Me Go is some of Adair Lara’s best writing.

Stay tuned as we hear more about Adair Lara and her writing during Adair Lara Week And A Day.



My copy of Hold Me Close, Let Me Go with post-it notes marking favorite passages.

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