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Deep Doo Doo by Sheri Graves

Deep Doo-Doo

Reviewed by Robin Moore

Don’t be fooled by squawking geese. This is not a farm tale! Author Sheri Graves snagged this reader with her witty mystery Deep Doo Doo. It is one of those novels that is truly hard to put down. It moves along quickly and made me wonder what could possibly happen next to reporter Carrie McClelland. I highly recommend this novel! In fact, it has proven to be my favorite read this summer.

Robin Moore has always enjoyed writing. After several years of working in elementary and middle schools, helping kids read and write, she is now able to devote her time to writing books for kids. She is editing novels she has written as part of the National Novel Writers Month organization.

Reviewed by Christian Lane

Bam. Fantastic.

It’s pretty hard to read Deep Doo Doo in a month. It’s so catchy you’ll gobble it up like a reading fool in a week! Native Sonoma County residents will get an extra kick out of the laser-sharp geographic and cultural references. Graves shines as a reporter whose voice comes through in the conversations between the newspaper staff. This is undoubtedly a strong debut by a very clever writer who knows the mechanics of the plot twist. You know what will happen, then you don’t. Then you find yourself saying, “Aww, dangit. I shoulda known.” It’s funny, engaging, intelligent and wry. A no-brainer for the bedtime reader or one who intends to kill off a Saturday afternoon having brain-stimulating fun. Good times.

Christian Lane is the author of #MuchBetter #ThanksForAsking & Simple Math: Deconstructing How We Talk About Wine.

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