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Pack Up The Moon by Rachael Herron

Pack Up The Moon by Rachael Herron packs a powerful punch. I was completely transported into the world of the characters who inhabit this story, who felt so real, as if I could reach out and touch them. During the last few pages, I was able to crawl back into my own skin.

This deep and provocative story may be a difficult book for many people to read. Rachael writes powerfully and thoughtfully about sensitive subject matters with an expertise of juggling several characters and their emotions. She weaves in backstory seamlessly with smooth transitions.

Because Pack Up The Moon is such a sensitive and deep book, I don’t want to give you just my opinion. I want to share what others think of this book. If you have read this many-faceted book and want to share your thoughts and reactions, I would love to hear from you. You can post your comments below by clicking on  “Comments” (you must be registered to comment, then log-in). I sincerely welcome your comments.

Lorajean Kelley writes:

Reading Pack Up The Moon, by Rachael Herron, is sort of like listening to a This American Life story. Pack Up The Moon gently unfolds from multiple characters, explains the sorrow of how everyone got to their places in life, and how they will continue on. It felt like such a raw look into someone else’s life, so intimate. When I’m done listening to an episode of This American Life I feel connected to humanity. I have grace and understanding for people. When I was done with Pack Up The Moon I felt the same connection. An understanding that everyone has been hurt, nobody escapes pain. And hopefully everyone has the chance to reconnect. A heart-breaking beautiful book.

Reviewer Lorajean Kelley, has her hands full with yarn dyeing, drafting, knitting and, oh yes, three young children. Amble around her lovely website about yarn, knitting supplies, crafty items and her adorable daughter modeling a sweater that Lorajean knitted.

Shelly Gilliland writes:

This book is so different than Rachael Herron’s other books. I sometimes felt like I was reading a memoir/mystery instead of fiction. Women (and maybe a few men) will relate to the main characters in their gut-wrenching life decisions. I found myself needing a break every few chapters because the topics were so deep and painful. I wanted to hurry to the end and see what happened . . . but I just couldn’t. I will definitely recommend this book to my friends.

Reviewer Shelly Gilliland is a mom, grandma, wife, birth doula, quilter, knitter and avid reader who graduated from college at age 46 (but didn’t even start until age 40!).

Note from Marlene:  This is a very different book from Rachael Herron’s Cypress Hollow series.  If you like Jodi Piccoul’s writing, you will like Pack Up the Moon.

Pack Up The Moon has intriguing twists with amazing and gorgeous writing.

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT:  The following is from the back of the book, from Conversations with Rachael. I don’t think it would spoil the book for you to read this before reading the book. If you don’t want to hear what inspired Rachael to write this book. . . read no further.

Here’s an excerpt from the back of the book, Conversations with Rachael:

“I know that life is hard, more difficult than I could have imagined, and this is true for everyone. I also know that people love harder than I ever imagined was possible.”

She talks about how, as a 911 dispatcher, she has to let go of the families after the paramedics arrive and she disconnects the phone call. But she thinks about the families, wonders how they are. Sometimes she can’t help them. So, she wanted to give Kate “the hope that I can’t promise anyone else. I wanted to give her peace.”

She continues that she knows how to write about grief and “I know how to achieve catharsis through the written word – and isn’t that release what we’re all looking for in books or movies that make us cry?”

Back to me: and that’s what I believe. . . healing through writing and . . . healing through reading.

And finally . . . Rachael writes:

“I’m writing these words, and you are reading them. We’re not in the same room, but you’re hearing my actual thoughts. We are connected, right now. If that isn’t magic, I don’t know what is.”

Pack Up The Moon cover

Pack Up The Moon by Rachael Herron

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