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Quantum Deadline by Daedalus Howell

Howell.Quantum DeadlineQuantum Deadline, by Daedalus Howell, reviewed by Meta Strauss.

Daedalus Howell’s Quantum Deadline, reminiscent of a Mickey Spillane story, is certain to be the first of a long series of novels about a captivating modern day reporter. The story is fun, and suspenseful with unexpected contemporary twists keeping me entertained and not wanting to put it down. I can’t wait to read the next adventure of the witty, smart-mouthed, ambitious Dade Howell.

Note from Marlene: Daedalus Howell will entertain us (I’m sure of it) at Writers Forum on April 21.

Meta Strauss, a native Texan, began writing after moving to Sonoma in 2005. “A Cinderella Tale” was included in the anthology Cry of the Nightbird,” published by the California YWCA in support of victims of domestic abuse. Strauss’s writing is featured on the Sonoma Writer’s Alliance web site and in the Sonoma Sun Newspaper. She reads her work at local Sonoma County events on a regular basis.

Meta’s novel, Saving El Chico, is an entertaining, character-driven book with a marvelous, laugh-out-loud funny and revealing story of a small present-day Texas town.  Inspired by real Texans, history and geography, Saving El Chico is a tale of rugged courage, imagination, good humor and inspiration recognized as belonging to Texans since the founding of their beloved state.

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