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Reading Water by Rebecca Lawton

Reading Water, Lessons from the River by Rebecca Lawton is written with superb eloquence . . . insightful, honest, focused and entertaining, making it fun to read.  Her elegant writing illustrates how to write a book that has enduring interest.  Reading Water was published in 2002 and found a new audience in 2008. I wonder if 2014 will see renewed interest in this timeless book.

Rebecca describes her love for water:

“Raised in the city and having just burst out of high school, I ached for wilderness, and the lovely, unleashed river instantly called to me.

. . . rivers led me to countless unspoiled places, challenged me to be strong, and introduced me to lifelong friends. Moreover, the river taught me to read water — to psyche out where rocks hide in riffles, find safe runs in inscrutable rapids, and keep moving through the flatwater.”

Note from Marlene. . . love that strong verb, “burst” . . . part of what makes Becca’s writing so special. . . her gorgeous word choices. And then there’s her fabulous writing about our natural world . . .

Reading Water“With remarkable insight and precision, Rebecca Lawton explores the mysteries of the natural world and the human heart. She is a terrific guide, both on the river and the page.” — Roy Parvin, author

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