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Saving El Chico by Meta Strauss

Strauss.Saving El ChicoWhat authors say about Saving El Chico:

“Anyone who has ever been to West Texas will feel the authenticity in Ms. Strauss’ writing. The landscape, the characters, the weather; all of it rings true. Funny and poignant, this book captures universal feelings of hope and the resilience of the human spirit.” —Janice Crow, I Give You My Word

“Strauss makes a stunning debut, with refreshing writing and fascinating, original characters.” —David Berg, Run Brother Run and The Trial Lawyer, What it Takes to Win.

“Strauss has created an electric, character-driven book with a clever plot and sense of place so vivid you can feel yourself being whisked away to the West Texas town of El Chico.”—Martha Braniff , Step Over Rio and Songs from the Bone Closet

“Get ready to laugh out loud as you enter Meta Strauss’s world of El Chico. She deftly weaves romance and suspense into this page-turning read.” —Jean Wong, Sleeping with the Gods.

Meta Strauss moved from her life-long home, Houston, Texas in 2005 to northern California. She lives in the heart of wine country where the scenery, weather and people are so perfect, locals don’t like to brag for fear the entire world will move to Sonoma and spoil the small town atmosphere.

Meta’s work appears regularly in the Sonoma Sun’s Fine Art Section. Her work was published in the anthology Cry of the Nightbird and her family tales appear in Stories for Emma available on Amazon.

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