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Shaman Heart, Turning Pain Into Passion and Purpose

“Shaman Heart, Turning Pain Into Passion and Purpose”, a Brave Healer Production, invites readers to develop a shaman heart — one that can only be obtained by coming through our darkest moments more healed and whole and then lighting the way for others.

As the anthology’s lead author, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and teacher Stephanie Urbina Jones writes, “Whether it’s a death of a loved one, divorce, illness or depression, we can turn our pain into an initiation and be a sacred witness or messenger in these bittersweet, crossroad moments in life. From this place of humbled, broken-open wisdom and grace, we can then walk with others and assist them as they journey through their own darkness to the dawn of a new beginning.”

The genesis for Shaman Heart occurred on January 5, 2022, when Urbina Jones and 25 other leading spiritual teachers, preachers, and healers spent a week together at the Dreaming House in the heart of Mexico.

“Each author was invited to surrender through ceremony and initiation while writing and carving out their powerful truths,” explains Brave Healer CEO Laura Di Franco.

“Here, at last, is our tribe of healers and visionary ambassadors of Spirit and Wellness that we’ve longed to consult with. With timely, profoundly relevant stories and deep wisdom, this is just the resource we need for troubled times.” —Francis Rico, author, musician, guide, friend to cats and the Great Mystery.

“I’ve spent my entire life stalking my pain so I could use it for my medicine in a positive way.”— Sherrie L. Phillips, one of the authors in “Shaman Heart, Turning Pain Into Passion and Purpose” sums up the energy of this unique anthology:

Spirituality and healing paths are personal. Shaman Heart, Turning Pain Into Passion and Purpose” offers deeply personal stories and healing modalities from 26 talented, powerful, and caring spiritual souls. Excellent healing practices include guidance to a more fulfilling, sustained life. —Marlene Cullen, producer of The Write Spot books.

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