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The Education of Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell, author of “The Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy’s Journey into Manhood,”  is many things: a journalist, poet, essayist, blogger, activist, public speaker, television personality, and more.

Mostly, he is an amazing human being.

I know Kevin as a kind, aware, observant interviewer who listens carefully and gets to the heart of the interviewee by asking pertinent questions.

The Education of Kevin Powell” is an education for readers who haven’t experienced extreme poverty, racial inequity, misogyny, violence, and mishandled anger.

It’s a multifaceted story of how a young man rose above his seemingly hopeless circumstances to become a respectful and respected innovator, leader, and healer.

“The Education of Kevin Powell” is a beacon of hope for bringing people and communities together for the good of all.

Book review by Marlene Cullen

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