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The Granny Diaries by Adair Lara

The Granny Diaries by Adair Lara is an entertaining and light-hearted look at being a grandmother interspersed with smart messages to mothers and grandmothers. Readers are drawn into Adair’s world with her quick wit and keen sense of observation.

Advice for the mother: “Remember, that grandmother is your mother, and she’s just trying to help. Talk to her about what you expect, and what she expects, and try to notice the good stuff. A grandmother who bought your child noisy green and pink clogs that the day-care teacher had to write a note about is a grandmother who went into a store, pondered choices (those boring white tennies, formal black Mary Janes, or those cool clogs?), bought the crazy clogs, and looked forward to presenting them. ”

This is an easy book to read, especially if you appreciate Adair’s wicked sense of humor. I enjoyed slogging through my day, knowing I could relax at the end of the day, being amused by Adair’s antics as told in The Granny Diaries.

There are stories so sweet and honest, making me appreciate once again, Adair’s ability to get to the heart of the matter. She writes about the birth of her first grandchild, “It was a new feeling for me: watching my child give birth to her child. It made me feel connected to all the people who’d ever lived on earth.”

Adair’s voice is authentic. “I needed time to figure out when to step forward and help, and when to step backward and do and say nothing. ”

Adair writes about transition for everyone: As a mother becomes a grandmother, her child becomes a mother. It isn’t always easy, of course. The Granny Diaries allows us to see the humor as we shift roles.

And humor helps us get through the difficult times. The Granny Diaries helps with the perspective as everyone shifts their roles in the world of new mothers and new grandmothers.

Adair and Ryan

The Granny Diaries by Adair Lara a delightful read.



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