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The Most Fun We Ever Had

“The Most Fun We Ever Had” by Claire Lombardo is one of a handful of books I read a second time, right after the first reading.

I read quickly the first time to find out what would happen.

I read carefully the second time to savor passages and to try to understand the structure. The second reading also helped to understand the characters and their actions.

This book is complex with traveling back and forth in time, and switching point of view, making it hard to know who “she” and “he” are referring to.

I think, with some editing, the pronouns could be made clearer and there could be consistent ellipses and em-dash usage.

I grew to like this family, like comfortable slippers. They took some getting used to. I didn’t really like the parents until trouble, in the name of Gillian, surfaced.

Reading this during the Covid-19 pandemic, the “The Most Fun We Ever Had” was a comfort.

Reviewed by Marlene Cullen, Editor of The Write Spot Books.

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