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The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Connections

Marlene Cullen has created a series of books that allow talented writers to showcase their work. While each book is packed with insightful, wistful and poignant essays and stories, what I really like about this series is the title of each book. Marlene masterfully reveals the theme of each book with a single, well-chosen word, and chooses cover artwork accordingly. It is this unspoken promise of words carefully crafted that makes you want to jump right in and explore. — Amazon Reviewer

Even if you do not consider yourself a writer, Connections is an enjoyable escape. Reading a variety of short personal stories left me smiling, laughing, sighing, and contemplating.

Editor Marlene Cullen cleverly includes over 25 authors with different writing styles in this anthology.

At the end of each story there is a writing prompt, advice about life, and pictures of the authors when they were children, including some vintage photos.

The section on Writing Resources includes details about freewrites, writing prompts, and websites for writers.

Marlene is generous with her ability to share her passion of writing in hopes of inspiring us to just start writing! It was the “Jumpstart” I needed to start writing again!  — Janet

Journeys across time and place, Connections is an anthology that spans decades, generations, and homes that range from farm to town to city to sea and back again. Written by mothers and their children or grandchildren, this book makes clear how much our American family has traveled over the last century, criss-crossing our nation and extending close connections from near to far. It is a walkabout of memories that chronicle many ways of mothering and differences of home as traditions gave way to our post modern culture. Yet each story is nested inside of the other as the next generation seeks to build on what was known and strives towards a new future. It is a treasure of a book, its tender-hearted mini-memoirs to be read and shared, with the hope of prompting new writers to write their own journeys of becoming. — Kate

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