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Write Free – attracting the creative life

Write Free Write Freeattracting the creative life, revised second edition by Rebecca Lawton and Jordan Rosenfeld

If you are seeking to make some changes in your life, but don’t know where to start . . . Write Free might be the perfect resource for you.

“Where you place your attention, what you focus on, is where and how you create your life.”

With my first reading of Write Free, this line struck me as the heart of the book. I needed to re-read it and break it down to get it.

“Where you place your attention, . . . what you focus on, . . . is where . . . and how . . . you create your life.”

That sounds so simple and yet is complex to implement. Lawton and Rosenfeld offer practical suggestions, leading to discoveries towards a creative and productive writing life. These techniques can also be applied to every day, real life situations.

Write Free contains exercises to help us Let Go (Chapter 1), Accentuate the Positive (Chapter 2) and to Feeling Better (Chapter 3).

The chapter on “Quick Tricks to Positivity” encourages an “I can do this” attitude.

Employing Write Free’s methods of attracting what you want in your life can be liberating and joy-filled.

As I read Write Free, there were so many passages I wanted to share with you. Instead, I’ll share what motivated Jordan and Becca to write this important book.

Jordan: “Welcome fellow writer and artistic soul! You create worlds, express ideas, record moments of great beauty, and evoke emotional depth and intellectual curiosity with your creative gifts. Yours is not a small charge. You have the power of persuasion: the means to move, transfer, and reach those who come in contact with your words and your art.”

Becca: As writers, “we’re quite capable of creating worlds in which we ask our readers to suspend disbelief while being transported to other places and times.

When Jordan and I discovered the phenomenon called the law of attraction, we knew we’d found a life force as invisible and undeniable as gravity.”

Rebecca Lawton and Jordan Rosenfeld are successful published authors with many awards and prizes, perhaps proving that the Law of Attraction works!

Write Free – attracting the creative life might be the spark to the creativity you have been searching for.

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