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Writing as a Path to Healing

In reference to The Write Spot:  Writing as a Path to Healing, author Elizabeth Beechwood said, “The contributing writers delve into the pain of their past, reveal their vulnerabilities, and share the lessons they’ve learned with all of us. Their courage is written on every page of this collection.” 

After reading my contributor’s copy of editor, Marlene Cullen’s newest anthology, I am in full agreement with Ms. Beechwood. Especially the last sentence regarding courage written on every page. It is not easy to write about traumatic events, but twenty-one people have done so and were willing to share stories and poems with readers.

The writers come from various walks of life and offer readers a look into difficult times they experienced at some point. These writers all used writing as a step on their path to healing and to offer support to others. Some who write about troubled parts of their life are not willing to share what they write with others. We are fortunate that the writers in Ms. Cullen’s anthology are willing to do so. 

Each writer added a writing prompt that fits with their story or poem, a short bio, and an answer to this question posed by the editor:  What scares you about writing? I found their answers interesting, revealing, and comforting.

A resources section is a second part of the book. Those several pages are of interest to me as a writer, but anyone wanting to write about a difficult time in their life would benefit from reading this section. The sections include Freewrites, Self-Care when Writing about Difficult Situations, Seven Calming Techniques, and a group of Activities to Recharge and Refresh. 

The final section is titled Recommended Books—ones the editor found helpful on her own healing journey.

This is a book that I know I will read more than once, parts of it or the entire anthology. People who are on their own healing journey or know someone who is will find this book of great interest and a guide to how writing can be real assistance—perhaps enough to spur their own writing. 

The book is the sixth in a series and can be purchased at Amazon in both print and as an ereader.

Nancy will read her piece in the anthology, “Writing It Out,” on Wednesday, September 23, on the Writers Forum Zoom platform.

Nancy Julien Kopp is a Kansan, originally from Chicago, but she has lived in the Flint Hills of Kansas for many years. She writes fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, inspirational, award winning children’s fiction, poetry and articles on the craft of writing.

She has been published in 23 Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Guideposts anthologies, The Write Spot:  Possibilities, and The Write Spot: Writing as a Path to Healing, as well as other anthologies, local newspapers, magazines, ezines, and internet radio.

Nancy blogs about her writing world with tips and encouragement for writers at Writer Granny’s World by Nancy Julien Kopp.

Nancy lives with her retired husband in Manhattan, KS. They enjoy traveling and watching Kansas State University football and basketball, as well as keeping in touch with two adult children and four grandchildren.

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