A Blues Poem . . . Prompt #530

A blues poem takes on themes of struggle, despair, bad weather, any suffering.  

It can also be funny: Fruit Flies Everywhere.

Three-line Blues Poetry

A statement in the first line,

A variation in the second line,

an ironic alternative in the third line.

My baby walked out that door.

My baby walked out

and now my broken door won’t open up no more.


I had to walk back to Texas.

I had to get on my feet

 cuz my baby she took my Lexus.


When a woman gets the blues

She hangs her head and cries

But when a man gets the blues

He hops on a freight train and rides

With both types, you can continue the pattern. You can also repeat lines.

You can write something in narration, then pull out lines to condense for a poem.

You can start with these lines:

When I woke up this morning . . .

I heard on the news . . .

Excerpted from Writer’s Digest magazine, “Writing Your Woes” by Miriam Sagan, August 2004

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