What is a freewrite?

Simply:  Writing freely, with no thoughts nor worries about the final product.

You are free to write whatever you want. You are free to write the truth with no worries about how it will sound. You are also free to write fiction.

Write from your own experience, write about what happened to someone else, or respond to the prompt as your fictional character would respond. Don’t have a fictional character? Maybe this is the time to create a character.

How to use the prompts

Click on “Prompts.”  Choose a prompt. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes. Start writing, using the prompt as an inspirational start to your writing.

As you write, don’t think and don’t plan what you will write next. Go with the moment’s energy.

Not the time for the critic

Leave your inner critic outside the door. Shrug off the editor that sits on your shoulder. Keep your pen moving. Write whatever comes into your mind.  You can edit later, if you want to polish, revise, or tweak your writing.

If you get stuck

If you can’t think what to write next, either write the prompt and continue writing, or write, “What I really want to say.”  See where your hand takes you. Your writing doesn’t have to make sense.

Write what you want

The aim is to burn through first thoughts. Say what you want to say. Don’t worry if it’s correct, polite, or appropriate. First thoughts have tremendous energy. First thoughts are the way the mind flashes on something.

Keep your hand moving, even if you think you have nothing to say. Trust yourself. Write whatever is on your mind. This is the place to feel free to practice writing.

 “This is a space for free wild mind writing that doesn’t need to be analyzed nor dissected. It’s about the practice of writing and tapping into that raw creative energy, just to keep our juices flowing.” — Christine Falcon

“Writing isn’t about the destination — writing is the journey that transforms the soul and gives meaning to all else.” — Sue Grafton