A Love Letter to Myself

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A Love Letter to Myself

By Luz Leyden

I love that you are embracing all the ‘unfortunate events’ you have experienced and are trying to encapsulate them in writing so that you are insulated from them and their effects.

You are a caterpillar who has formed a chrysalis and you are digesting yourself inside so that you can emerge transformed, free, able to fly, released from your former life and all its restrictions. That process and that bravery deserves admiration, respect, and love.

I will try to do what is right for you. I will try to steer you towards light, towards enlightenment, towards your real self. I admire your bravery in staying sane through everything you have endured, despite callous provocation. Stay strong.

Luz Leyden lives in Ireland where she writes . . . sometimes into the early hours of the morning.

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