A Safe Place . . . Prompt #642

Today’s writing prompt starts with a visualization.

Sit back. Relax.

Breathe in deeply.

Release and relax as you breathe out.

Let go.

Let your mind relax. Settle into your chair.

Nothing for you to do right now, except be here.

Nowhere for you to go.

Let your mind drift.

Go back to a time when you were little … 4 or 6 or 7 years old.

A time when the world was fresh to you.

Filled with new sights, adventures and exploring.

A time when there was magic in the air. Full of possibilities.

Take a deep breathe in and settle into your comfortable space.

No worries.

No hurries just now.

This is your time, in your special place.

Imagine or remember what your world was like when you were 4 or 6 or 7 years old.

When everyone was taller than you. Everyone seemed wiser than you.

But you knew some things.

Even at that young age, you had strong feelings about some things. 

Perhaps a pet, or a favorite toy, or a special blanket.

You had an attachment to something.

Maybe you were attached to an idea like snowing on Christmas Eve, or the perfect family, or the perfect vacation.

Take a deep breath. Feel your breath go past your lungs, past your chest, into your belly. And release.

When you are ready, write about a safe place … either a real place from your childhood, or an imaginary place.

You could also write about an item, a person or an animal that brings you comfort and joy.

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