Character Building and Setting Scene. Prompt #364

Set the Scene: Location, Timeframe, Characters

Location: Pick one: cruise ship, theme park, bar, parlor, or a location of your choice

Timeframe: Current, Past (what year?), Future (what year?)

Develop Characters

Character #1:
Personality trait most proud of:
How did character get this trait?
What do people least like about character?
What habit would character like to change?
If someone looked in character’s bathroom garbage right now, what would they find:
What scent does character like the most, and what does it remind him/her of?
What scares the character?

Character #2:
Answer the same questions for Character #2.

Writing Prompt: Use the following words in a conversation between these two characters.

The last time –  How dare you –  Explode –  Blame – Fire –  Party –  Light –  Dark – Attitude –  Box –  Present –  Water

Photo by Christina Gleason

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