By Camille Sherman

What is the scientific process

Of transforming a thing

Out of reverence and relevance

And into cliché


Is it a simple question of quantity

The stomach ache that follows

Empty candy wrappers

Fanned out before tiny costumed bodies


Is it great expectation

A push for originality

An inner motor disdained

By what’s been done before


Perhaps boredom or impatience

A haughty bristle at the suggestion

That there is something new to gain


We’ve seen it all before

Said it all before

Thought it all before


But when no one is looking

And we sneak a furtive glance at the stars

Or steal the scent of a passing flower

Or well at the first notes of a love song

Our sweet clichés will rise again

Unoffended that we were too cool

To remember why they were worthy

Of perpetual repetition

To begin with

Camille Sherman is a professional opera singer from the Bay Area. She trained at The Boston Conservatory and the San Francisco Conservatory of music, and served as an Artist in Residence at Pensacola Opera and Portland Opera. She currently lives in Portland, where she continues to sing and develop artistic projects with local artists.

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