Here and There. Prompt #264

Today’s writing prompt comes in two parts.

Before writing on this prompt, I have a suggestion.  Do a little relaxation first. Just for a few minutes. Use your own method or follow this method:

Relax into your chair. Feet flat on the floor. Hands loose, resting on your thighs.

Take a big, deep breath in, feel your chest expand.  Let it out like a deflated balloon.

Another deep breath in. And release.
This time, when you take a deep breath in, bring your shoulders up to your ears. Shrug them down hard with the out breath. Another one.

Let your head drop forward on your chest. Rest there for a moment. Rotate your head in a circle. Opposite direction.

As you read about the next prompt, please place the palm of your writing hand on any place in your body that calls for attention. If you can’t put your hand there, bring your breath there. Take deep breaths as you need to.

When you read the next prompt, notice what part of your body has a reaction.

Prompt, Part 1: Write about a place that is uncomfortable for you.

As you think about this, take your hand and rest it on the part of your body that is having a reaction.   Or put your breath there.

The place that causes discomfort could be a small place like a corner, a closet, a chair, a nook. It could be a larger place, a building. It could be a barn or a city.  This could be a place that makes you feel very uncomfortable . . . it could have you itching and twitching with discomfort.

When you are ready, Write about that uncomfortable place.

Don’t leave yourself feeling uncomfortable . . . go to Part 2. If you don’t have time to write, at least daydream about . . .

Prompt, Part 2:  Write about a place that you are comfortable in.

First, make a short list of places you could write about. Just a list. Don’t start writing about the place just yet.

With your comfortable place in mind, start writing with this opening:

bookshawl“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways . . . ,” based on the poem How do I love Thee?  by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Be sure to end on a positive note:  A place you are very comfortable in.

Thank you, Claudia, for the idea of palm of hand or breath for body-mind connection.  Thank you, Marjorie, for teaching me how to breathe and shrug.

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