By Karen Handyside Ely

When the day is dark

humor will light my way.


When the world crumbles

humor will shore me up.


Tears will flow, not from sorrow,

but born of laugher.


Nothing is so bad that

humor cannot soften it.


Nothing is so sacred that

humor cannot humanize it.


When the only way “through”

is a walk of fire,


humor will insulate my path.

As long as we can laugh


at the absurdities of life,

we can persevere.


Humor cannot change our challenges,

but it can grease the skids,


shepherd us along,

help us to survive.


I will face each day with humor and the grace it provides.

As long as I can laugh, I can breathe.


Humor is my lifeboat,

my safe space,


the fuel my soul runs on.


Karen Handyside Ely

Karen was born and raised in Petaluma, California. Upon graduating from UC Davis, she worked in San Francisco and New York City in corporate finance. After a 30-year career as a mom and “professional” volunteer in Scottsdale, AZ, Karen returned to her beloved hometown in Sonoma County.

She delights in difficult crossword puzzles, the Santa Rosa Symphony, and traveling with  her husband (of 35 years) James.

Karen has been published in The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Discoveries, The Write Spot: Reflections, The Write Spot: PossibilitiesThe Write Spot: Writing as a Path to Healing, and The Write Spot: Musings and Ravings From a Pandemic Year.  (all available on Amazon).

“Humor” is featured in the newly published The Write Spot:Musings and Ravings From a Pandemic Year, available at Amazon.

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