I may never finish my novel . . .

Lola“I may never finish my novel, but the joy of writing, of using those 26 letters to express and share what I create with them, is the comfort that keeps me on the journey.” Connie Mygatt

Connie Mygatt is a writer/artist living in beautiful Petaluma, California. She was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, married and started her family there. The rich memories of life in that rural area and living in California for over 30 years have allowed her to experience many wonderful and sad moments that are an ever constant source of inspiration to her. Plus, life is ever offering intriguing “what if” moments from which to harvest story lines. She enjoys writing short stories, poetry and has started her first novel.

          Last year, Connie finished writing, illustrating and publishing her first children’s book, Only For A While, which can be purchased on Amazon or through her directly at Maye123 – at – comcast.com

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