Mental Snapshot . . . Prompt #390

Our minds register events like snapshots, especially stressful or shocking events.

Our minds take a snapshot as if we need to remember that point in time.

For example, you probably remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard about John F. Kennedy being shot or September 11th or the October Northern California fires.

For this prompt, I’d like to make it more personal. Yes, you can write about a global event. Or, you can use this prompt as an opportunity to take a deeper look at something that is personally meaningful to you.

Something that was a type of surprise or shock so you took a mental snapshot.

It could be good or surprising news. It could be something that was upsetting or disturbing.

I invite you to go inward and write about a mental snapshot you carry with you.

When writing about difficult experiences, take care not to re-traumatize yourself. There are many ideas on how to write about difficult subjects on The Write Spot Blog.
Type “trauma” in the search box. There are several choices on how to write without adding trauma.

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