Note to your younger self . . . Prompt #265

Before you start writing on this prompt, how about a little relaxation?

Sit back. Relax into your chair. Both feet flat on the floor. Hands resting lightly.  Take a deep breath in. Relax it out. Roll your shoulders in a circle.  Other direction.  Drop your chin to your chest and roll your head in a circle. Other direction.

Take a deep breath in. Ease it on out.

Now, We’re going to time travel back in years.

Time Machine

Think back to the person you were ten years ago. See yourself as in a snapshot.

Now go back to when you were 25. Remember what you looked like. What were you doing? Just take a moment to remember yourself at 25.

Hand writing in journalNow go back to when you were twenty.

Take a look at yourself when you were 15.  What were you like at 15? What influenced you?

When you’re ready, write a note to your younger self.

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