Paint Colors . . . Prompt #291

paint-colorsHave you ever noticed the names of paint colors? They are so creative. . . they could be wonderful writing prompts.

Writing Idea: Keep a file folder of phrases to inspire your writing. These could be phrases that someone else wrote. They could be snippets you wrote to be used in future writing.

This folder can also contain lists like these names for  paint colors. You never know when or how you might want to use them. You might find a unique name for a character.

Or a fabulous name for: a fictional town, a store, a street name, a pet.

My favorite:  Amethyst reflection . .  . I can imagine using this to refer to eye color.

Aqua Rapids

Bubble Turquoise

California Chamois

China White

Cloud Nine Blue

Crystal Clear White

Deco Red

Festival Green

Fiesta Rojo

Fire Roasted

Fitzgerald Smoke

Frank Llyod White

French Silver

Inness Sage

Innocent White

Jacobean Lace

Kissable Pink

Lime Freckle

Minstrel Rose

Moon Doggie

Moroccan Ruby

Orchid Blush

Prague Purple

Racy Red

Red Hot Jazz

Royal Cranberry

Salisbury Stone

Seville Scarlet

Silver Blue Sea

Spiced Berry

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