Patterns Prompt #375

Take a mental trip down Memory Lane.

See yourself at five years of age. Picture that child. See him or her. Grab some detail. Smiling? Serious? Able to sit still? Has to move around?’

Now, see yourself at twelve years of age. Take a moment to really see that image of yourself as a young teenager. Notice the clothes you wore, your hairstyle. What did you like to do? Who were your friends? Were you a serious student? Were you frivolous? Care free?

Fast forward to twenty-five years old. How do you see yourself? How did you move . .  slow paced, bustling around, steady, focused, scattered?  Were you scaling corporate ladders? Were you climbing walls, anxious to get going, to start your career, start your life?

How about thirty or forty or fifty years of age . .  did you shine your light on projects or people? Where were you at this time of life? Satisfied? Anxious to do more? Fulfilled? Wanting something, but didn’t know what?

Look for patterns in your life. Write about those patterns.

Photo by Christina Gleason

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