Poem from character sketch . . . Prompt #628

Prompt #1

Think about someone important in your life.

Someone who made an impact on you.

Write a list or a few paragraphs of events in this person’s life.

It could be milestones or simple everyday things.

Prompt #2

Turn what you just wrote into a poem with these suggestions:

Make this a numbered poem. Each stanza gets a number.

Each stanza is four lines.

Each stanza represents a chunk of time in the person’s life, perhaps by decade.



Love child

Tossed around

Whose arms held her?

Who comforted her?


Showing off

Late for work

Three times

Not a charm

Thank you to Susan Furness who suggested this prompt at Recovery Writing of Idaho, organized by Norma Jaeger.

Image from “The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Connections.”

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