“Show” Using Dialogue . . . Prompt #271

Today’s writing prompts are about “showing” through dialogue.

Show what characters are thinking, show their personalities, their quirks, move the story forward through dialogue.

Remember, with freewrites, the writing is spontaneous. There is no crossing out.  This could be called “practice writing,” as Natalie Goldberg says.

With dialogue we can show character, scene and drama.

Use these prompts for practice writing. Respond as your fictional characters would respond.

Or, respond in the first person, “I,” with yourself as the primary character . . . You playing the character of you.

Prompt: Write a scene, where two characters talk about what they are afraid of.

Prompt: Same or different characters. One confesses “I’ve lied about . .  .”

Prompt: Same or different characters: “I wish I would not have . . . ”

Taylor. Cat On a Hot Tin RoofYou can have a turning point – where the drama takes an unexpected turn, excitement mounting.

Throw is some twists, turns, surprises. After all, people are surprising, aren’t they? You expect one thing and something else pops up.

Use this writing for fun . . . “What would happen if. . . ”

Use this writing to understand what happened in your life.

Just write!

Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.

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