By Kathy Guthormsen

A blanket of pristine snow glistens on the grass, while windows glow from warm fires inside

Ice frosts peaked rooves, softening their lines

The village waits in silence


A brightly lit Christmas tree sits in the square

Streetlights glow under a darkening sky

The village waits alone


There are no people singing carols

No children laughing and building snowmen before going inside for cookies and milk

The village waits alone in silence


Fretful silence

Fearful silence

Frantic silence


Pregnant silence

Palpable silence

Potent silence


Reflective silence

Ruminating silence

Resilient silence


Tacit silence

Tactful silence

Total silence


Silence between heartbeats

Silence between breaths

Silence between impulse and response


The villagers shelter cautiously behind closed doors, alone

Some have been taken by an insidious virus

And grieved for in silence


The villagers are gone

But the village awaits their return

In hopeful silence


Kathy Guthormsen’s work has been published in The Write Spot: Memories, The Write Spot: Possibilities, and The Write Spot: Writing as a Path to Healing, all available on Amazon.

Her Halloween story, Run, was published in the Petaluma Argus Courier in October2020.

Kathy lives in northern California with her husband, one psychotic cat, a small flock of demanding chickens, and a pond full of peaceful koi. She maintains a blog, Kathy G. Space, where she occasionally posts essays, short stories, and fairy tales.

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