Something you have had forever. Prompt #304

lil-brown-rocking-chairWrite about something you have had forever.

Write about your oldest possession.

You could also write about your earliest memory.

I have had this rocking chair since I was two years old. I used to rock in it while watching I Love Lucy on our black and white television set. I lent it to my sister when her children were little. Then my three children enjoyed it. And now, my granddaughter reads her books while rocking.

The books:  The Wonderful World of Oz and The Secret of the Old Clock . . those go way back. I spent hours captivated by Nancy Drew’s amazing sleuthing abilities and fascinated with the variety of characters in the Oz books. I was especially intrigued about how much time was spent for Dorothy and some of her companions to sleep or look for food. Time that could have been used to get them to their goals. Perhaps that’s where I learned patience and that books are a form of discovery and adventures into new worlds.

Your turn:  Write about your oldest possession or an early memory.

Just write!

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