Something you will never forget . . . Prompt #266

Today’s prompt is inspired by Hal Zina Bennett, Write From The Heart

Pink lemonadeFor some people, summer means sipping cool drinks. For others, summer might mean sitting around a campfire after a day of hiking, swimming, exploring. Summer might mean telling stories —tall tales or short ones— while lounging on a porch, a patio or a boat deck. There is a rhythm to summer, unlike any other time of year.

Summer ’round the campfire brings out story tellers. The shaman storyteller of ancient times, embraces his own life experience, tells stories to the community that gathers in a circle around him, a fire blazing at its center. In the telling of what most deeply touched his life, the shaman helps others to see that they are not alone. And in the process both storyteller and listeners are healed.

Imagine now, that you are sitting ’round a campfire, very comfortable with the folks you are sitting with. It’s story telling time. Each person tells a story about a time that was so meaningful, it is something they’ll never forget.

Prompt: Write about something you will never forget.   Remember: first thoughts are where the energy is. If you can, start writing where your first thoughts take you. If that becomes difficult, write about another time, another story. And when you are finished writing, please take a few minutes to do some clearing (described below).

Right after writing: Take a deep breath in. Hold for a moment. Let it out. Shake out your hands. Another deep breath in. Let it out.

Again: A deep cleansing breathe in. Hold and release.

If you wrote about something that leaves you feeling wonderful, keep it. Hold it close to your chest.

If you wrote about something that leaves you feeling uncomfortable . . .  release it. Gather your thoughts and your words. Send them up in the campfire smoke. Send those thoughts up with the smoke.

We’re going to replace the space that those thoughts occupied with an image that comforts you.

Choose an image that is comforting to you. Any image you like, as long as it soothes. Give it a color.

Fill the space in your heart with this image and the color.

Take a deep breath in. Hold for a moment. Let it out. Stretch. Another deep breath in. Hold and release. Congratulate yourself. Even if you didn’t write, you may have thought about what you could have written. Maybe, when you have time, you will write on this topic: Something you will never forget.

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