Start with a list . . . Prompt #747

A freewrite is . . . writing freely with no thoughts nor worries about the outcome.

When you write in this unrestricted style, brush off the editor that sits on your shoulder. Let go of your worries and fears. Just write.

Our big stories come from our little stories.

Sometimes the big story is too much to write about.

So, break it down into bite-sized pieces.

Making lists might help organize your thoughts.

Lowlights . . . Highlights

Our normal, everyday lives contain lowlights and highlights.

Spend a few minutes making some lists.

List #1 Lowlights


Things you wish hadn’t happened

What you would like to do over

List #2  Highlights

Warm memories

Happy thoughts

What you would like to do again

List #3 Just Weird

Weird things that happened

Writing Prompt #1:

Choose an item from one of your lists.

Write about what happened.

Who? What? When? Where?

Writing Prompt #2:

Choose a topic from Lowlights List.

What would you do differently?


Choose another item from your list and Just Write.

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