Strongly affected. . . Prompt #347

Today’s writing prompt is a visualization . . . then the prompt. Set yourself up for an uninterrupted twenty minutes. Get comfortable. Have your writing implements nearby . . . paper and pen or computer.

Settle into your chair. Feet flat on floor. Hands relaxed.

Rotate shoulders in a circle. Reverse direction.

Stretch arms out in front. Arms overhead. Arms to the side.

Take a deep breath in. Hold. Let go.

Feel your feet connected to the floor. And that connection goes down into the earth, way down, deep down, to the center of the earth.

Firmly planted, deeply rooted.

Feel the connection up your legs, through your calves, into your knees.

Feeling connected up into your thighs.

Completely relax into your chair, letting go of all tension that might be in your legs and thighs.

Just let go.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

Let your hands go limp. Feel the relaxation travel up your arms and into your shoulders.

Take a nice deep breath in and bring your shoulders up to your ears. And then let them down with a loud hrumph sound. Another deep breath in, shoulders up and down with the outward breath.

Relax deeper into your chair. Let your stomach muscles relax. Let your shoulder relax.

Feeling completely supported in your chair, feel the connection to the earth. Feeling connected to the center . . . the core of the earth. Your connection goes deep.

Relax your neck muscles. Loosen your jaw. Just hang loose.

Let your head drop forward on your chest. Just rest there a moment.

Rotate your head in a circle. Opposite direction.

Deep breath in. And deep breath out.

We’re going to do a bit of exploration now . . . scanning memories.

Sitting comfortably in your chair, scan your relatives for the person who affected you the least.

Next, a relative who affected you the most.

Now, a friend who strongly affected you.

What are some of the emotions that came up for you?

Go a level deeper.

Which friend or relative affected you in a way that surprised you?

Prompt: Write about that time.

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