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How To Write A Memoir — Part One

Your Life. You lived it. Surely you can write about it. Right? In How To Write A Memoir, Part 1, we’ll discuss methods and ideas about writing personal stories, with links to published memoirs. How To Write A Memoir, Part 2, we’ll cover organizing, revising and more. You can write in chronological order, or build your story around pivotal events. In the beginning, it doesn’t matter what structure you use. Write in a style that is comfortable for you. Try one way and if isn’t working for you, try something else. Memoirs written in chronological order (with back story woven in): To Have Not by Frances Lefkowitz  and Grief Denied by Pauline Laurent. Rachael Herron, A Life in Stitches, assembles her stories around her knitting experiences. For the first draft, it’s fine to jump around in time. Don’t worry too much about making sense in the early stage of writing….

Book Reviews

Ellevie by Marcelle Guy

Guest Book Reviewer John Bertucci eloquently shares his discoveries found in Ellevie, by Marcelle Guy. How many people do you pass by in a day? Hundreds more if you work in the city. We grab a glimpse, a quick read on the relative size and character of another person, sometimes detecting emotions: happy, angry, late, lost. It’s all part of the bustle of life. Yet, in every single one of these people, there’s an immense invisible dimension, an ocean of great depth and breadth that we don’t see. This book, written by Marcelle Guy & G.S. Payne, is about someone who was unable to see the whole ocean in herself, and the waves in this ocean she couldn’t see were tearing her life apart. Ellevie, A True Story of Repressed Memories and Multiple Personality Disorder is a memoir, that is to say, a remarkable life described by the alert, compassionate…