You Think You Know Me . . . Prompt #663

Writing prompts inspired by the June 5, 2022 interview with Kevin Powell and Dr. Adrian Arancibia. Prompt #1: You think you know me, but you don’t know . . . Prompt #2: Same as first prompt, but this time write in your parent’s voice, or from your parent’s perspective, Or: Write from the point of view of Someone Important in your life. Write as if your mother or father or Important Person were writing, “You think you know me, but what you don’t know . . . #justwrite #iamwriting #iamawriter

Book Reviews

The Education of Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell, author of “The Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy’s Journey into Manhood,”  is many things: a journalist, poet, essayist, blogger, activist, public speaker, television personality, and more. Mostly, he is an amazing human being. I know Kevin as a kind, aware, observant interviewer who listens carefully and gets to the heart of the interviewee by asking pertinent questions. “The Education of Kevin Powell” is an education for readers who haven’t experienced extreme poverty, racial inequity, misogyny, violence, and mishandled anger. It’s a multifaceted story of how a young man rose above his seemingly hopeless circumstances to become a respectful and respected innovator, leader, and healer. “The Education of Kevin Powell” is a beacon of hope for bringing people and communities together for the good of all. Book review by Marlene Cullen


I am not That Girl

Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page. When I heard “I am not That Girl” by Ariel LaChelle, I knew I wanted it on the Sparks page of my blog. It’s longer that what is usually posted here. It’s so amazing, I could not resist. You can read it and watch Ariel perform “I am not That Girl” in her own strong and melodic voice. I am not That Girl By Ariel LaChelle Even though the term “That Girl” Was created by black girls, I don’t fit the requirements Automatically, Because I am a Fat Girl. And ‘cause I have tight curls That become more angry If I dip my scalp in the water, Then let my hair air dry And don’t try To keep it in order. No styling, No stretching, No products, No dye, But I feel like I might If…