The deepest level of desire . . . Prompt #329

You have probably heard this: Stories are about a character desiring something and the things that prevent character from getting what he or she wants. This is true for both fiction and memoir.

Another word for desire is yearning, suggesting the deepest level of desire.

“Fiction is the art form of yearning.”

“Plot is simply yearning challenged and thwarted.”

— Ryan G. Van Cleave, “The Art of Yearning,” May 2017 The Writer magazine

How to write fiction or memoir

Give your character a problem, add some obstacles. How does the character overcome problems? Mix and stir.

Get started by interviewing yourself (for memoir) or interview your fictional character by answering the following questions.

You can answer every question briefly, or go into detail using one or two questions to focus on.

Something most people don’t know about you.

If you could change some things in your history, what would you change?

Describe a perfect day.

What makes you happy?

What prevents you or your fictional character from:

~Having a perfect day

~ Doing what makes you happy

~Getting what you desire

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